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New York Mayor Prohibits Police Associating with Any Anti-jewish Movements

Acting on the instructions of Mayor LaGuardia, the New York Police Department today announced amendments to its departmental regulations which all members of the department are barred from holding membership in organizations advocating racial or religious discrimination, participating in the activities such organizations in any way or associating with persons engaged in fostering such racial discrimination.

Members of the police department are forbidden under one of the new rules to write, print, copy, distribute, transport, store or possess any paper, magazine, pamphlet, periodical, book, picture or writing of any kind “containing any defamatory of false statement which tend to expose any person designated or characterized therein, and residing in the United States, to hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy because of race or religion, or which tends to cause such persons to be shunned or avoided or to be injured in their business or occupation, nor shall such member aid or assist any person or persons or organizations to disseminate, distribute, store, print or write such literature, paper, pamphlets, magazines, books, pictures or other writings.

Another amendment says: “Members of the Police Department, except in the discharge of official duties, shall not knowingly associate, fraternize or transact business or have dealings with any person or persons interested in or connected with any group or organization advocating or instrumental in creating, or be personally active in creating, strife, disunity, hatred, prejudice or oppression against any racial or religious group residing in the United States, nor shall such member aid or assist any person or organization in carrying out these activities.”