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Wish Internees Are “rotting Away” at Mauritius, Zionist Emergengy Council Charges

More than 1,500 Jews are completing their third ##ar of internment on the Island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, after having been ?clared illegal immigrants to Palestine by the British government in 1941, the American Zionist Emergency Council, charged today.

“Although British officials have done all they can to make the living quarters ?bitable, approximately 70% of the refugees are suffering from malaria and avitami?sis,” Henry L. Shapiro, an executive of the Council said. “The men live in an an?ent prison while the women and children occupy barracks. Family life has been wiped ##. These unfortunate people are just rotting away. What makes it worse is that they actually landed in Palestine and were deported because they had escaped from the ?zis without stopping for visas.”