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Millions of War Prisoners Will Become Anti-jewish Propagandists After War, Hitler Says

An indication that Allied war prisoners in Germany are being fed anti-Jewish propaganda in the hope that they will spread it after the war in their native countries was given by Hitler in his speech yesterday marking the 11th anniversary of the Nazi regime.

“The eyes of the world,” “Hitler said, “will be opened about the importance of the Jewish question quite independently of the result of our struggle. Millions of war prisoners will become propagandists about this.” He declared that “England has sold its soul to Judaism,” and expressed the opinion that every state which will follow England “will sooner or later succumb to this pest unless at the last minute it pulls itself together to expel this bacteria by force from its body.”

Asserting that “the aim of International Jewry is the complete extermination of the German people,” the Nazi leader said: “It is quite irrelevant in this connection whether Jewish advocates of this aim are in England, or in America, or elsewhere in the various countries of Europe.” He warned the Germans that they would perish some where in the woods and swamps of Siberia. “Jews,” he added, “could then celebrate the destruction of Europe by a second triumphant Purim festival.”