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Defense Indicates Anti-semitism Will Occupy Large Place in Washington Sedition Trial

An indication that the question of anti-Semitism will occupy an important place in the trial here of thirty alleged selectionists was seen today in the defense’s questioning of prospective juniors.

Prior to questioning of the jury panel, attorney Ira chase Koehe, who represents four of the accused, demanded that the court stenographers be dismissed because one of the panthers in the firm which supplied the stenographers is a Jew. The trial, Koehne said, involves “such strong anti-Jewish questions” that Jews will probably be “fanatically prejudiced against all defendants.” He repeated his charge that the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith had shadowed his clients.

Querying prospective jurors at the afternoon session, Judge Eicher asked them, at the request of the defendants, the following questions: “What do you understand the word Semite to mean?” “Do you know what the word Jews?” “Does it mean a religion, race or a people?” “Do you know what Judaism is?” “what is Zionism?” “What are international bankers?” The court was recessed until Monday morning. No jurors have been selected as yet and five men and women have been excused.