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Antonescu Bars Jews from All Employment; Rumanian and Foreign Jews Affected

In a sweeping decree which completely eliminates Jews from all economic spheres in Rumania, the Antonescu Government yesterday announced that henceforth all Jews, native and foreign, are barred from industrial, commercial, agricultural and professional pursuits.

The decree, which is reported in a Bucharest dispatch of the Nazi Transocean news service, provides that only persons belonging to “professional organization” are permitted to work. Jews are specifically barred from membership in these organizations, which is open to both employers and employees.

It is learned here that may prominent Rumanian political figures have benefited financially from the “Rumanization” of Jewish property. At a recent meeting in Bucharest of directors of the Banca Romaneasa, Rumania’s largest commercial bank, called to distribute profits made from participation in the “Aryanization” of Jewish enterprises, more than 100 prominent politicians were present to receive a portion of the spoils.