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Polish President Urged to Issue Decree Making Anti-semitism a Criminal Offense

A motion requesting President Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz who issue a decree making anti-Semitic activities or propaganda a criminal offense, was introduced today into the Polish National Council by Jewish deputies Emanual Ezerer and Dr. Ignacy Schwarzbart, with the support of five members of the Socialist Party. The decree would apply to both civilians and officers and men of the armed forces.

(A meeting in Tel Aviv today of demobilized Polish soldiers broke up in disorder when several of the soldiers directed anti-Semitic insults at 16 of their number who were Jewish. When the Jews refused to leave the meeting, they were threatened with violence. Some of the non-Jewish soldiers warned that they “would deal with the Jews” after they return to Poland.)

It was learned here today that Flight Sgt. Richard Bichowski, only son of Prof. Gustav Buchowald of Warsaw University, who is now residing in New York, has been killed in action. Sgt. Bichowski was one of 40 Jews who were brought here by the Polish Ministry of National Defense to take a course in public welfare and education.