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60,000 Jews Deported from Hungary, Chief Rabbi of Britain Tells London Meeting

Chief Rabbi Hertz charged the Hungarian Government with deporting 60,000 Jews from Hungary to Nazi-occupied territory, in an address delivered last night at a meeting here of the Council of Christians and Jews. He also confirmed the report that on the day the Allied armies entered Rome, the Germans there deported 1,500 Italian Jews to occupied Poland in sealed trains.

The Archbishop of Canterbury addressing the gathering voiced his disappointment at the unwillingness of the British Government to admit additional numbers of refugees. “The persecution of Jews has been one of the most hideous elements of the German war record,” he said. He expressed support of the proposal that Jews in occupied Europe be given war prisoner status, but doubted that it would be done.

Catholic Archbishop Matthews, expressing admiration for “the traditions of the Jewish faith, and the rabbinate which has kept that faith alive through centuries of persecution,” urged Christian ministers to stress that intolerance was sinful and against the teachings of Christ.