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Jewish Guerrillas Escaped from Warsaw Ghetto Wipe out 2,000 German Troops

More than 2,000 German soldiers have fallen before the guns of a group of Jewish partisans who escaped from the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto last Summer, it is reported in a message from underground sources received by the polish Government-in-Exile here today.

After hiding for three months in the debris left after the German assault on the ghetto, a group of about 60 Jews evaded the Nazi guards by swimming through the city’s sewers, which empty into the Vistula River. Across the Vistula, the group found a village where they were given food and hand grenades and told how they could obtain further arms by attacking a small German garrison nearby.

After hiding in the forest for several days, the Jews raided the Nazi outpost, wiping out 40 Germans and seizing their arms. Subsequently, they joined a Polish underground band and have been operating in eastern Poland ever since. The underground report says other groups of Jews have escaped from the ghetto ruins and joined the guerrillas.