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Arabs Dissatisfied with Roosevelt’s Message to Arab Leaders on Post-war Palestine

Expressing obvious dissatisfaction with President Roosevelt’s message to the Palestine Arab Party in which he said that the post-war status of Palestine will be decided by the United Nations in consultation with Jews and Arabs, the Falastin, leading Arab newspaper, says that “the Arabs in Palestine are not going to be bound by what President Roosevelt or any other man has to say.” Nor will they allow others to share Palestine with them, the article emphasizes.

The message which President Roosevelt sent to the Palestine Arab Party was read to a group of correspondents here by Sayyid Tewfik Husseini, acting head of the party. He told the correspondents that the American Consul in Jerusalem had invited him and other leaders of the Arab Party to the Consulate and delivered to them President Roosevelt’s message typed on official consulate stationery.

“Let President Roosevelt say whatever he likes,” the editorial in Falastin says, “but we would like to point out that the Jews will accept nothing short of a Jewish State.”