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Jewish Partisans First Jews to Return to Minsk; Correspondents Confirm All Jews Killed

Jewish partisans were the first Jews to return to the recaptured White Russian capital of Minsk, all of whose Jews were either murdered or deported during the three years the Germans held the city.

The Moscow press reports from Minsk that hundreds of partisans who operated in the Minsk area during the German occupation are now returning to the city. Among these partisans are many Jews who fled the Byelorussian capital to avoid execution or deportation.

The dispatch from Minsk contains an eye-witness report of the ghetto area there, confirming that no Jews were left in the city. “One district, which was surrounded by a barbed-wire fence, was bare of life,” the dispatch says. “This had been the Jewish ghetto, the occupants of which were all exterminated.”