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Palestine Jews Go to Polls Tomorrow, Right-wing Parties Still Boycotting Elections

On the eve of the elections to the Assefath Hanivcharim, the Palestine Jewish Assembly, which are scheduled for Tuesday, the five right-wing paries are still refusing to participate in the balloting despite all efforts to persuade them to call off their boycott.

During the week-end the five groups – the Revisionists, the General Zionists B, the Sephardin, the Landlords Association and the Farmers Association – held a rally in Tel Aviv at which they reiterated their demand for postponement of the elections and decided to lay the foundations for a right-wing bloc to “combat the totalitarian regime in the Yishuv.”

Although the boycott creates a delicate situation, since only the center and leftwing parties will be represented at the polls, a special meeting of the executive committee of the Jewish National Council voted not to postpone the elections. The Council decided, however, to allow additional slates to be filed up until tomorrow evening.

It is reported here that the Jewish Agency is ready to intervene in the controversy, provided one of the sides requests its intervention. A special meeting of the Agency executive has been called for tomorrow.