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Arabs Concerned over Support by American Political Parties of Zionist Demands

Leading Arab circles in Egypt are concerned at the fact that both the Republican and the Democratic parties in the United States have emphatically expressed themselves in favor of the Zionist demands for Palestine.

The actions of the American political parties have “brutally blasted” Arab hopes, says an article today in the leading Cairo newspaper Al Ahram. The article, specially featured, says that Jews in America have succeeded in mustering all possible forces behind Zionist aspirations. ” The Democrats and the Republicans in the United States are now competing with each other in proclaiming their support for Zionism,” the paper states,

The Iraqi Legation in Cairo today issued a formal denial of the report published in Egyptian newspapers that a United States of Arabia in which Iraq would be merged with Syria, Lebanon and Transjordan was being contemplated. The original report said that Iraq was behind a project of establishing one state all the way from Bagdad to Beirut.