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Hungary Relaxes Anti-jewish Laws; Jews Permitted to Leave Ghetto During Day Hours

Some slight relaxation of anti-Jewish pressure in Hungary was reported here today following the recent visit of representatives of the International Red Cross to the Budapest ghetto.

Jews will now be permitted to leave the ghetto from 10 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the afternoon. They will be permitted to draw small sums from their bank accounts. Their milk rations have also been increased from one-third of the rations received by the non-Jewish population to one-half.

There are now about 240,000 Jews in the Budapest ghetto. No definite information can be obtained by the International Red Cross about the plight of the Jews in the Hungarian provincial towns. Most of these Jews have been deported. Information is also not available with regard to the fate of Jews who were deported from Hungary but were not sent to “extermination camps.”

Representatives of the International Red Cross are not permitted to visit any of the labor camps in Germany or any occupied country, but they were permitted to visit the labor camps situated in Budapest. There are not many such camps in Hungary and the number of inmates is small.