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Jewish Underground Movement Reports Only 160,000 Jews Still Alive in Poland

A report from the Jewish underground movement in Poland reaching Jewish Leaders here today states that as late as three months ago there were still approximately 160,000 Jews in occupied Poland of the three-and-a-half million before the war. The report added that it is highly doubtful that the Germans will leave these Jews alive before evacuating Poland.

The majority of the surviving Jews are in concentration camps. Some are in the Lodz ghetto from where they are now being deported to various camps. The largest “Jewish camp” at present is in Plaszow. Some 12,000 Jews are held there. Another large “Jewish camp” harboring 10,000 Jews is located in Skarzysko, near Radom. About 7,000 Jews are held in the Starachowice camp. There are about 3,000 Jews in Plonki camp, 2,000 in Blizynn and 1,000 in Gory-Swietoskrzyski. The remainder are scattered over smaller camps in various sections of the country.

The Jews in the concentration camps are used for hard labor. Several thousand are working in the Silesian coal mines at Krclewska-Huta under desperate conditions. Many of them are dying of hunger and others commit suicide. The Jewish National Committee which is directing the underground movement is helping many Jews in their hiding places, the report said.