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Gestapo Starts Deportation of 50,000 Jews from Hungary; Many Already Deported

Jewish organizations here today received a reliable report from Hungary revealing that the Gestapo, aided by Hungarian authorities, has started deporting 50,000 Jewish men from Budapest to camps in Germany.

A considerable number of Jews have already left Budapest in cattle trains for an unknown destination in the Reich, the report said. At the same time, Jewish children and old men who had been allowed to live in specified houses in Budapest proper were all transferred to the ghetto.

The renewed mass-deportation constitutes an open violation of the promise given by the Hungarian Government to the International Red Cross last July, as well as to diplomatic representatives of neutral countries who intervened in behalf of the Jews in Hungary under instructions from their governments.

German newspapers reaching here report that “decisive measures” have been taken against the Jews and laud the Hungarian Government for taking them. Slovakian newspapers report that many Jews in Slovakia whose enterprises were “Aryanized” by the pro-Nazi Slovak Government have now joined the partisans.