“jewish Fellowship,” Opposed to Jewish Nationalism, Established in England
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“jewish Fellowship,” Opposed to Jewish Nationalism, Established in England

Organization of the “Jewish Fellowship,” whose objectives are to uphold the principles of Jews as a religious community, and to oppose the idea of Jews as a political or national group, was announced here today by Basil Henriques and Sir Brunel Cohen, non-Zionist Jewish leaders.

Although the fellowship is opposed to demands for a Jewish state in Palestine, it supports the development of the cultural and religious life of the country, is anxious to help the suffering Jews of Europe, and is conscious of Palestine’s special place in Jewish tradition as well as a home for the Jews living there and those who will settle there in the future, it was stated at an organizational meeting presided over by Mr. Henriques.

The resolution adopted by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, on Sunday, calling for the establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth in “an undivided Palestine” does not represent the views of many British Jews, Mr. Henriques said. The fellowship, however, does not plant to take independent action, he continued, unless the Board or the Anglo-Jewish Association fail to uphold the view that Jews are primarily a religious and not a political entity.

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