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Convention of Canadian Socialist Party Supports Jewish Demands for Palestine

The national convention of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, the Socialist Party of Canada, today unanimously adopted a resolution on Palestine offered by Stanley Knowles, Winnipeg member of the Federal Parliament, and seconded by Abraham Klein, editor of the Canadian Jewish Chronicle. The resolution reads:

“The convention strongly urges upon the government of this country and Great Britain, which has a special responsibility, to rescind and revoke the appeasement – tainted British White Paper. It is clearly recognized that this White Paper is a repudiation of internationally recognized obligations and a flagrant breach of trust to the Jewish people. We urge these governments to implement fully the Balfour Declaration to facilitate the establishment of Palestine as a Jewish homeland which should lead to development of a Jewish commonwealth, with the clear understanding that religious, economic, political and language rights of all sections of the population will be safeguarded and guaranteed.”