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French Scholars and Jewish Leaders Honor Prof. Victor Basch at Memorial in Paris

An impressive tribute to the late Dr. Victor Basch, Jewish educator and philosophen who was murdered by the Vichy militia, was paid yesterday at a memorial meeting in the Richelieu Ampitheatre of the Sorbonne.

Included in the large audience were members of the Sorbonne faculty, students, representatived of French intellectual life, resistance leaders of the Jewish community. Chief speaker was Prof. Paul langevin, Nobel prize-winner who aucceeded Prof. Basch as president of the Lengue for the Rights of Man, which fought for many liberal causes and against anti-Semitism before the war Prof. Gustav Roussy, rector of the University of Paris also spoke. Extracts from Dr. Basch’s philosophical and humitarian writings were read.

Prof. Basch, then 84, was taken from his home last January by members of the Vichy militia, and murdered, together with his wife, in a suburb of Lyon.