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Government Commission Recommends Pensions for Families of Rumanian Jews Killed by Nazis

The Rumanian Government has been urged to grant pensions to Jewish families in Moldavia, members of which were murdered by Iron Guardists or the Nazis, it was revealed today by Minister of Agriculture Prof. Huditza in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Prof. Huditza has just returned from Moldavia where he headed an interministerial commission sent there to re-establish the governmental administration. He said that the Jews of Moldavia had suffered greatly under the Antonescu regime, and that 27,000 were killed between 1940 and 1942. Of these, 12,000 were murdered during the Iron Guard pogrom in Jassy on June 29, 1941. There are now 115,000 Jews in all of Moldavia. Prof. Huditza also learned that in July, 1943, more than 27,000 tombstones in the Jewish cemetery at Jassy were seized and sold for paving blocks.

In the interim between the retreat of the Germans and the arrival of the interministerial commission, the administration of the province was carried on mostly by Jews, the minister disclosed, paying tribute to the efficiency with which the various governmental functions were administered during that period.