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Only Few Jews Found in Ruins of Warsaw by Red Army, Lublin Broadcast Reports

Only a few Jews were found in Warsaw when the Red Army captured the Polish capital on Wednesday, the Lublin radio said today in a Yiddish broadcast. It gave no further details.

The broadcast, which marked both the liberation of Warsaw and the second anniversary of the first battle in the ghetto there, reviewed how the Germans had exterminated practically the entire Jewish population of the city, which was 300,000 before the war and increased to 500,000 as the result of the transfer of persons from provincial cities.

The broadcast revealed, at the same time, that Dr. Emil Sommerstein, prominent Jewish leader, has been awarded the “Polonia Restituta” for special services in the reconstruction of the Polish State. It also announced that Jacob Berman, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, a former Warsaw Jewish newspaperman, and Hilary Mine, Minister of Industry, have been awarded the Grunwald Cross.