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Mufti of Egypt Approves Verdict in Moyne Trial; Jewish Youths Sentenced to Die

A sentence of death was pronounced here today upon Eliahu Khakim and Ephraim Ben Zuri, the assassins of Lord Moyne, following confirmation of the verdict of the five-man military court by the Mufti of Egypt.

At 10:45 this morning the president of the court read the grounds on which the sentence was based, as Khakin and Ben Zuri stood calmly in the prisoners dock. Both youths looked somewhat paler than they did during the court proceedings last week, and Ben Zuri, particularly, seemed nervous. When the sentence had been read they slumped back into their chairs.

Hundreds of steel-helmeted policemen armed with bayonetted rifles stood guard around the courthouse and others were posted along the route the condemned men travelled from the jail to the court.