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Rankin Attacks Jews in Debate on Dental Race Quota; Celler Hits Discrimination

An attack upon Jews was made today in the House of Representatives by Rep. John Rankin, Mississippi Democrat, in connection with the fur or which has been aroused as a result of a report by the Dental Education Council of the American Dental Association, which allegedly advocates a reduction in the number of Jewish dental students.

Following a statement on the floor by Rep. Emanuel Celler, New York Democrat, who assailed the American Dental Association for “undermining the Bill of Rights,” Rankin charged that “Mr. Celler is always bringing up the Jewish question.” He added that there were “white Gentile Americans” who also had their rights.

Earlier in the day, Rep. Samuel Dickstein, New York Democrat, denounced the policy of the Belgian Government in classifying Jewish refugees from Germany within its borders as enemy aliens. Speaking to the House, Rep. Dickstein scored the placing of such Jews in internment camps while “erstwhile collaborators live off the fat of the land,” and demanded that they “be treated as fellow sufferers and not as Germans.”