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Jewish Women, Liberated from German Camp, Return to Their Homes in Vilna

The Government of the Lithuanian Soviet Republic today appointed a commission to receive several hundred Jewish women liberated by the Russian Army from the concentration camp which the German established in Torun, Poland, for deported Jewish women. The commission is also to provide the liberated women with clothing, shoes and other necessities.

Several hundred of the liberated women are Vilna residents. Some of the Torun inmatos have already returned to Vilna. Others are from Kaunas. They were separated by the Germans from their husbands in the Kaunas ghetto, from where the men were sent to the notorious Dachau camp in Germany and the women were transported to Danzig.

From Danzig about 1,000 of them were sent, together with 200 Jewish women from Hungary, to the Torun camp, where they were confined on a starvation diot and used for forced labor. About two hundred of them died from torture, hunger and cold. After six months in the Torun camp, they were liberated by the advance of the Russian armies which forced the Germans to flee.