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4,000 Gather in Paris to Greet Oswiecim Survivors, Govt. Urged Not to Bar Alien Deportees

Four thousand people gathered here last night to greet the eight Paris Jews who returned last week from the Oswiecim death camp. They were among the survivors saved by the Russians.

Addressing the meeting, Charles Lederman of the Jewish Union for Relief and Resistance, appealed to the government not to place obstacles in the way of allien Jewish deportees who desire to return to France after their liberation.

The number of survivors, both alien and non-alien, will probably be very small, the arrivals from Oswiecim said. They declared that the treatment of the 120,000 Jews deported from France, and, likewise, all other deportees, amounted to a gigantic enterprise of extermination after the victims had the last bit of labor extracted from them.

In addition to the eight Oswiecim veterans who arrived last week, 21 others have reached Marseille via Odessa and at least another 22 are known to be en route.