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Neutral Press Decries Mercy for Germans; Demands Punishment for Anti-jewish Atroctties

Swiss and Swedish newspapers received here today welcome the recent announcements by their respective governments that no asylum will be given to war criminals and stress the guilt of the entire German people, especially with regard to the persecution and murder of Jews.

The Stockholm Expressen says that “the systematic, well organized mass-murder (of Jews) will be remembered for all times as one of the most loathsome and most incomprehensible of all Germany’s crimes. No pity campaign, however skillfully organized, can wipe out the terrible responsibility of the German people for the fate that has overtaken European Jewry.”

The Zurich Weltwoche points out that when the Nazis created racial laws and attempted to make a whole class of human beings lesser than animals, “they not only broke down the dykes which protected Jews, but also, potentially, those which would have been capable of protecting the beaten German nation from the worst. Today,” it concludes, “little can be done to stem the flood which is overwhelming Germany.”