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Paris Court Sentences Jew to Death for Helping Arrest and Rob Jewish Internees

A special court today sentenced to death Silvain Baur, a Jewish internce at the Drancy concentration camp, who helped the Gestapo and the Vichy militia arrest and loot Jews. Baur is alleged, in this manner, to have made 100,000 frances monthly, which was supplemented, from time to time, by fees of 500,000 frances, each, which he received for promising to arrange the liberation of internees. In all cases, however, the victims paid their money and were then deported.

Another special court, yesterday, imposed the death sentence upon Virginio Giroux, a Paris concierge, who denounced to the Gestapo a Jewish tenant named Madame Ryteska, whose furniture she had stolen. The Jewish woman was deported by the Germans.