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Greatest Demonstration in History of Modern Palestine Marks End of War in Europe

The greatest demonstration in the history of modern Palestine took place here the last two days as the Jewish population went wild at news of the victory of Europe. The streets and synagogues were constantly filled with happy celebrants and United Nations and Jewish flags flew from hundreds of buildings.

Special victory editions of the Hebrew papers today reviewed the Jewish role in the war effort, stressing that at least 1,300,000 Jews fought in the armies of the United Nations, while 4,000,000 Jews were murdered. The papers stress the great contribution made by Palestine industry, agriculture and science.

In a congratulatory message to High Commissioner Lord Gort, who was chief of the British Imperial Staff until after Dunkirk, Moshe Shertok, head of the political department of the Jewish Agency, paid tribute to the part that Lord Gort played in achieving the final victory and expressed the hope that the new international order would do justice to the Jews and guarantee them a homeland in Palestine.