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Countries Bordering Reich Urged to Beware of German Attempts to Shread Anti-semitism

A warning to countries adjoining German to becare of German attempts to spread anti-Semitism as one of the means of preparing for a third world war, is published in the Dutch newspaper Hetvrijo Volk.

Under the heading “The Sixth Column,” the paper points out that although Germany has been defeated for the second time, the German aspirations for world domination are not dead, and that, for the time being, German militarism will wage a battle without arms, waiting until the vigilance of the democratic nations is relaxed.

“Anticipating a third bid for power,” the paper continues, “they want to create confusion and chaos in the countries bordering Germany. They are bent on sowing discord, intolerance, hate, mistrust, anti-Semitism, Jealousy and, if possible, civil war. That is the task of the Sixth Column, successor to the Fifth.”