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House Sub-committee to Hold Hearings at Oswego on Admission of Fort Ontario Refugees

A sub-committee of the House Immigration Committee will hold hearings at Oswego, New York, next month in connection with proposed legislation sponsored by Rep. Samuel Dickstein, chairman of the immigration body, which would permit persons in the Fort Ontario refugee camp to remain in the United States.

Dickstein said that he plans to hold hearings at Oswego the week of June 18 and in New York city the next week. His bill would allow the fort Ontario refugees to enter under the present quotas of their countries of origin. He said that many of the refugees have children in the United States, that numbers of the men have wives who are legally here, and it is in the best interests of the war effort to let those remain who express the desire to do so.

Joseph H. Smart, director of the Oswego shelter, recently announced his resignation from that post, and from the War Relocation Authority in order to devote his full time, at the request of the refugees themselves, to their interests, with particular reference to securing premanent residence for them in the United States.