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Resident Truman, Gen. Eisenhower, Other High Officials, Pay Tribute to Jewish Servicemen

Tributes to the valor of the more than 500,000 Jews in the armed services of the United States were expressed by President Truman, General Eisenhower, Admiral Nimitz and many other hight ranking Army, Navy and Marine officers in messages to the 50th annual memorial services held this after (##) at Temple Emanu-El by the Jewish War Veterans of the United States. The memorial service was preceded by a parade down Fifth Avenue in which ten thousand members of the Irish War Veterrans participated.

In his message, President Turman said: “It gives me great pleasure to extend hearty greetings to all who participate in the Fiftieth National Memorial Services memorating the honored dead of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States. I trust that all of the living members of this organization will dedicate themselves anew to the ideals of patriotism which they and their compatriots have upheld through so many needes.”

General Eisenhower said: “The record of the American fighting man in this theatre of war is a proud one. It has been established by citizens of every race and need–the glory of their deeds is shared by all.” Admiral Nimitz, in a telegram on his Pacific headquarters, sent greetings ” on behalf of the Pacific fleet and Pacific Ocean Area to honor Americans of Jewish faith who have given their lives in the fight against tyranny and oppression. Thousands of men of Jewish faith have already made the supreme sacrifice in helping to overthrow the Axis dictators,”he said, and others are in the Pacific prepared to stake their lives in the battle againt the last remaining enemy of freedom, justice and civilization.”