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Two Jews Sentenced As War Criminals in Rumania; One is Condemned to Death

The Bucharest radio today announced that two Jews were among the war criminals convicted yesterday by a Peoples Court here. One of them, Benjamin Finkelstein, was condemned to death, while the other, Izu Landau, was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Among the group sentenced to death yesterday are Col. Iosipescu charged with responsibility for mass-extermination of Jews deported from Rumania to Transnistria and Stere Marinescu, high Rumanian official, charged with anti-Jewish atrocities in Yukovina during the pro-Nazi regime. The sentences were issued following a five-hour speech by the prosecutor describing the treatment of Jews in Transnistria and in Yukovina under the Antonescu administration.

(The State Department today informed the American Jewish Conference that Dr. Wm. Filderman, president of the Union of Rumanian Jewish Communities, has not been arrested. A report of his arrest was carried by a New York newspaper from Istanbul.)