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Soldiers of Jewish Brigade Supervising Reconstruction Work of German War Prisoners

Soldiers of the Jewish Brigade are supervising German troops who are clearing up the ruins of Klagenfurt, in Austria, the correspondent of Driennik Polski, semi-official organ of the Polish Government-in-Exile, reported today.

He says that the Germans “look rather miserable, but it is difficult to say whether they are upset by the heavy, unpleasant work, the defeat generally, or because they have been placed under the guard of soldiers of the Jewish Brigade. On the soil where Hitler attempted to destroy the last few Jews,” the correspondent continues, “the flags of the Jewish Brigade are now flying, and a German mansion has been converted into a synagogue,”

The same paper reports that hundreds of Polish Jews released from concentration camps in Anglo-American zones in Germany have indicated that they do not wish to return to Poland. Most of the Jews, it said, wish to settle abroad, with the majority of them desiring to go to Palestine.