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Truman Insists Permanent Fepc Must Be Established; Wants House to Vote on Bill

President Truman today told his press conference that he hoped that the House Rules Committee would reconsider its refusal to allow the House to vote on the bill creating a permanent Fair Employment Practice Commission.

By a tie vote of six to six, the committee yesterday refused to grant a rule to the legislation, thus preventing it from coming onto the floor of the House for a vote. A petition designed to bring it before the House is now being circulated. It has already obtained over 100 of the 212 Congressional signatures required.

The temporary wartime FEPC is also in danger as a result of House passage. last week, of the War Appropriations Bill without a section authorizing funds for the agency. The House Finance Committee cut out the appropriation for the FEPC after the Rules Committee allegedly threatened to reject the entire appropriations measure if this were not done. The bill is now before the Senate, which can insert an appropriation for the FEPC if it so desires.