Dr. Filderman Reported Arrested in Bucharest; Charged with “supporting Fascism.”
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Dr. Filderman Reported Arrested in Bucharest; Charged with “supporting Fascism.”

Dr. William Filderman, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Rumania, is under arrest in Bucharest and will be placed on trial on charges of “supporting fascism,” it was reported in the press here today.

The report caused uneasiness in Jewish circles, especially in view of the fact that information reaching Jewish leaders here this week through other sources also stated that Dr. Filderman is under arrest. A cable sent several days ago by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency to its Bucharest correspondent, asking him to establish whether Dr. Filderman had been arrested, has not yet been answered.

The pro-Communist press in Bucharest has been conducting a campaign against Dr. Filderman for some time. Several weeks ago it was reported that as a result of this campaign Dr. Filderman had been arrested. This report was denied by the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in a cable from Bucharest. Efforts to check this latest report of Dr. Filderman’s arrest are being undertaken by Jewish loaders here.

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