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Mizrachi Withdraws from Zionist Emergency Council; Says Its Requests Were Ignored

The executive committee of the Mizrachi Organization of America today announced its withdrawal from the American Zionist Emergency Council.

The decision was taken at a special meeting of the executive committee at which a resolution was adopted reading: “In view of the fact that the Zionist Emergency Council did not comply with the request of the Mizrachi that it reorganize itself within two weeks, the executive of the Mizrachi Organization of America has decided to leave the Council and to recall its representatives from that body.”

One of the major requests of the Mizrachi was that the Zionist Emergency Council should recall Dr. Abba Hillel Silver to active leadership. A statement issued by Leon Gellman, Mizrachi president, said: “The Mizrachi attitude toward the internal rift in American Zionist movement is clear. We have been advancing two demands – unity in the Zionist ranks, and a more aggressive Zionist political policy. Both demands have not been complied with by the Zionist Emergency Council, thus nothing was left to us but to withdraw.”