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“racial Biology” Was Curse of Germans, Says Berlin Radio, Urging End to Racism

The Nazi slogan that “Jews are our misfortune” must be supplanted by a new slogan: “Racial biology is the curse of our people,” a speaker on the Russian-controlled Berlin radio said today.

Declaring that only by ridding themselves completely of racist ideas can the German people hope to be re-admitted into the community of nations, the broadcast said that “the soul of the people was systematically poisoned by these doctrines, and the mind of the people was perverted. This led to the Gestapo tortures and to the Maidanek gas chambers.

“The same youth who admired their elders for smashing the windows of Jewish shops,” it continued, “considered the mass-murder of Jews, Poles and Russians to be their highest duty. Hitler’s racial laws served only to brutalize our people and make them accomplices in the suppression and spoliation of others.”