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Report British Plan to Solve Palestine Problem by Partition, Europe-wide Guarantees for Jews

A new British proposal for solution of the Palestine problem, which combines a partition plan with guarantees for Jews in all European countries, is rumored to be in the making. Under the new plan, a “symbolic” Jewish state will be established in a small part of Palestine, while, at the same time, Britain will attempt to secure full and equal rights for Jews in all of Europe.

The scheme would, according to its sponsors, on the one hand, reward the Jews, especially the Jewish community of Palestine, for their contributions to the war effort and lift the pressure for emigration from European countries to Palestine, while, on the other hand, it would satisfy Arab demands by ending immigration. It is understood that a high British representative in Egypt, who recently arrived in London, discussed the plan with leaders of the Arab League in Cairo, who are reported to have voiced no opposition to the proposal.