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Ort Sends Tools for Artisans and Vocational School Equipment to Jews in Poland

A second shipment of five tons of machines and tools, including sewing machines, tools for artisans and equipment for vocational schools, has been shipped by the ORT, through UNRRA, to Poland, in answer to appeals from Dr. Emil Sommerstein, chairman of the Central Jewish Committee of Poland, according to an announcement by Dr. David Lvovitch, vice-president of the World ORT Union.

Acknowledgment of the first shipment sent in February was received from Herbert H. Lehman, Director General of the UNRRA, who wrote, “You will be glad to know, with us, that we have received a reply from the Prime Minister, M. Osubka-Morawski, accepting your gift and requesting that his gratitude be expressed to the ORT Federation.” This shipment also totalled five tons. The tools, intended for shoemakers, carpenters, electricians and masons, are all new, and were manufactured expressly for Polish-Jewish artisans by the ORT school in Montreal.

An additional request from Dr. Sommerstein and Pawel Zelicki, secretary of the Central Jewish Committee of Poland, has resulted in plans for shipments of leather and textiles, to be sent by the ORT to Jewish tailors and shoemakers. The two shipments already sent included more than 100 tailors’ model sewing machines.