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Emir Abdullah Proceeding to London, Will Present Palestine Case to “highest Quarters”

Emir Abdullah, the ruler of Transjordan, today revealed that he plans to go to London where he will present the claims of the Palestine Arabs to the “highest British quarters.”

He revealed his plans in an invitation to leaders of the various Arab political groups in Palestine, asking them to come to his residence in Amman to discuss the Palestine problem. The invitation emphasized that the Emir will meet in London with the leading British statesmen and will discuss with them not only questions concerning Pransjordan, but also issues dealing with Arab demands in Palestine.

The date of the Emir’s departure is not known as yet, but leaders of Arab groups in Palestine lost no time in accepting his invitation and left today for Amman. During his visit to London, Emir Abdullah will discuss with British statesmen the status of Transjordan as a separate country, the Anglo-Transjordanian treaty, British subventions for Transjordan, and will also emphasize his support of the demands of the Arabs in Palestine, it was learned here today.