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Palestine Arabs Continue to Attack Truman’s Statement; Ask End of Mandate

Resolutions urging the British Government to immediately surrender its mandate ever Palestine and to proclaim it an independent country, and protesting the recent statement on Palestine by President Truman were adopted at a meeting here today of the executive committee of the Palestine Arab Party. The party is led by the Husseini family, of which the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem is a prominent member. The committee also urged a meeting of the Arab League to discuss the Palestine problem.

Meanwhile, the Arab and the Jewish press continue to duel over the Truman statement. The Arab papers charge that it contained “inconsistencies” and embarrassed Britain by asking it to swerve from its established policy. Davar, leading Hebrew daily, today says that “the Arab press’ great confusion and anger concerning Truman’s statement indicates the importance the Arab public attaches to it.”