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20,000 Jews Repatriated to Lodz Despite Anti-jewish Terror, Warsaw Reports

Despite the terroristic activities of anti-Semitic elements in Poland, Polish Jews continue to arrive in Lodz from camps in Germany, it was reported today in a Yiddish broadcast from Warsaw.

The broadcast quoted the Jewish Committee in Lodz as declaring that 20,000 Jews have been repatriated to Lodz from various parts of liberated Europe. Many of them lived in Lodz before the war but the majority are Jews who have no homes to which to return.

“The Jewish Committee in Lodz,” the broadcast reported, “has taken steps to care for the repatriated Jews. It conducted a special ‘relief week’ for their benefit and provided them with food and clothing out of its own funds, in addition to the aid they received from the State Commission To Aid Victims of German Occupation.” Many surviving Jews in Lodz offered accommodations to the newcomers until other arrangements could be made, the broadcast said.