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American Nationalists Meet in New York; Urge Deportation of Jews, End of Immigration

A motley collection of former members of the American First party, the Nazi Bund and smaller anti-Semitic anti-democratic groups met here last night under the aegis of former Senator Robert Reynold’s “American Nationalist Party,” to form a local chapter of that organization.

Among the participants were two indicted seditionists, Elmer Elmhurst, who, it has been reported, recently placed an order for 5,000 copies of the “Protocols of Zion” with a local printer, and Col. Eugene Sanctuary and a sprinkling of anti-Semitic and pro-fascist propagandists.

The addresses were devoted to the usual attacks on Jews, Roosevelt, the present administration and other faverite topics of the “hate” groups. John G. Scott, editor of the publication “Money,” which is devoted to a “Christian America,” told the audience, which consisted of about 125 persons, that the group led by Christian Fronter Joe McWilliams and a new group being formed by former radio commentator and Hearst writer Upton Close would shortly amalgamate with the American Nationalists.

Among the slogans voiced at the meeting were “Deport the Jews and Negroes,” and “End Immigration into the U.S.” The members of the audience were urged to organize cells of ten each among their friends and acquaintances to spread the nationalist propaganda.