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Truman Denies Britain Has Asked U.S. to Send Troops to Palestine, or Share Responsibility

President Truman today categorically denied that the British Government has requested the United States to send troops to Palestine, or that any request has come from Britain asking the United States to assume partial or joint responsibility for Palestine.

Queried at his press conference about the reply from Prime Minister Attlee to his request for the admission of 100,000 Jews from Europe to Palestine, the President said that he would confer with Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, en route here from London, before commenting on that question.

Earlier in the day, Charles Ross, the White House press secretary, said that President Truman received a cable from Attlee last night, but that its contents will not be revealed at present, because the whole matter is still under discussion. He emphasized that the Palestine issue is in the diplomatic stage, and that there is nothing he can or should talk about.

(Sen.Edwin C. Johnson, of Colorado, said last night that Attlee’s telegram was a rejection of President Truman’s request for the admission of 100,000 Jews to Palestine. He did not reveal the source of his information, but declared that the British Government will announce next week a plan to admit 1,500 Jews a month.)