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U.S. Troops Continuing to Bar Fleeing Polish Jews from Reaching American Zone in Reich

American troops stationed on the demarcation line between the American-occupied section of Czechoslovakia and the rest of the country are turning back Polish Jews seeking to reach the U.S. zone in Germany, hundreds of whom pass through here daily.

The action of the American military authorities has caused untold anguish among the refugees and presented the Jewish welfare groups in this city with almost insurmountable difficulties despite the cooperation of the Czech authorities. The refugees, fearful of returning to Poland, remain in Prague, destitute and homeless.

These exhausted, miserable people do not know where to turn, and their only idea is to get to Palestine. They are bitter about the British refusal to open the doors of that country. One of them said: “The British had better send us to gas chambers, too, instead of leaving us to languish and starve in camps.”