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Surviving Polish Jews Make Lower Silesia a New Jewish Center; Merge with German Jews

This city, formerly known as Breslau, capital of Silesia, and now a part of Poland, is becoming a center of liberated Polish Jews who prefer to settle in Lower Silesia rather than return to their devastated home towns from which all their friends and relatives were deported to extermination camps.

A Jewish religious community has been organized here, with 200 of the surviving 25,000 German Jews in Breslau joining with the Polish Jews to take over the Old Synagogue and some of the Jewish archives that were not destroyed by the Nazis. Surviving local Jews are also making an effort to secure many of the valuable exhibits which the Nazis took from the local Jewish Historical Museum and sent to German institutions in Berlin.

In Richbach and in Walbshychi, Lower Silesia, the surviving Jews were lauded by the Polish administration for organizing special brigades to help in harvesting the crops. Their work was praised by local authorities in a letter sent to the Central Jewish Committee formed by the survivors living in Lower Silesia. A poster hailing the work of the Jewish brigades was also issued by the local authorities.