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Polish Press Attacks British Officer Who Described Oswiecim Victims As “dregs of Ghetto”

The entire Polish press sharply attacks Major Claude Winwood, one of the British defense counsel in the Lueneburg trial of 45 guards at Oswiecim and Belsen, for his reference to the Nazis’ victims as “dregs of the ghetto.” Excerpts from their editorials were broadcast in Yiddish over the Warsaw radio.

The newspaper Zynie Warszawy writes that “it is now proved that the horror camps were useful humanitarian institutions. At long last the mass exterminations have been justified.” The paper adds that “Winwood’s place is in the dock alongside his colleague, the Belsen assassins.”

At the same time, the press reports that there has just been discovered in the Jewish cemetery at Wroclaw (formerly Breslau) mass graves in which uncounted thousands of Jews from Italy. France, Belgium and Holland are buried. They were deported from various concentration camps to Breslau and murdered. The cemetery also contains a mass grave of 2,000 Polish Jews.