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Arab Memorandum to Byrnes Threatens Violence if Jewish State Established in Palestine

A threat that violence will develop in the Middle East if a Jewish State is established in Palestine, or if large-scale Jewish imigration is allowed, is contained in a momorandum submitted to Secretary of State Jews F. Byrnes on Oct. 12, by the legations of Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, which was made public here last night.

After expressing the great interest that all the Arab states, the Arab league and the Moslem world have in the Palestine question, the memorandum states:

“Regarding the peace of the Near East in general, and of the Arab world in particular, one principle is certain: There obviously can be no peace in that region by sacrificing Arab interests for the sake of the Jews. A Zionist political state can be created in Palestine, but only with the help of external force. Such as artificial creation, or even the introduction of further Jewish immigrants into Palestine, is obviously not in the interests of world peace, nor is it conducive to the development of the friendliest relations between the Arabs and the external world.”