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President Truman is Asked to Intervene with Argentina to Prevent Further Anti-jewish Acts

Sir Isaac Isaacs, former Governor General of Australia and prominent Jewish leader, and Alex Masel, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, today cabled to President Truman urging him to intervene to prevent further anti-Semitic acts in Argentina.

The cable said: “We respectfully request your powerful and gracious intervention with Argentina, a signatory of the San Francisco Charter, to prevent, in the spirit of the inscription on the Liberty Bell, a recurrence of the anti-Semitic, anti-democratic outrages reported in the public press. This request is in the name of the whole Jewish commuity of Australia.”

(The New York Herald-Tribune today reported from Buenos Aires that the DAIA, the federation of all major Jewish organizations in Argentina, delivered a “strong note” yesterday to President Edelmiro Farrell protesting against the anti-Semitic campaign which began there last week. The note pointed out that anti-Semitic gangs were permitted to invade the Jewish section of Buenos Aires last Thursday and attacked members of the Jewish community who were obliged to defend themselves.)