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Palestine Resolution Introduced in Senate; Officials Mum on Truman-attlee Agreenent

Senators Robert F. Wagner of New York and Robert A. Taft of Ohio today introduced a joint resolution calling for unlimited immigration of Jews to Palestine.

The resolution provides that “the United States shall use its good offices to the end that the doors of Palestine shall be opened for free entry of Jews into that country and that there shall be full opportunity for colonization so that they may reconstitute Palestine as a free and democratic commonwealth in which all men regardless of race or creed shall enjoy equal rights.”

Official sources today declined to comment on the report that President Truman and Prime Minister Attlee have reached an agreement calling for United States cooperation with Britain in a joint policy for Palestine.

A White House spokesman said there was no word about the report. At the State Department queries were referred to Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, who was not available.

From unofficial sources the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns that an address on Palestine in the House of Commons by Attlee, scheduled for this week, was postponed because of the continuing discussions now going on between the State Department and Downing Street.