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To Final Agreement on Palestine Reached Between Truman and Attlee, Byrnes Announces

Secretary of state James F. Byrnes, questioned at his press conference today concerning Anglo-American negotiations on Palestine and Jewish immigration there, said that no final agreement had been reached between President Truman and Prime Minister Attlee on the problem.

Queried concerning the presence in Washington of Middle East diplomats of the United States, Secretary Byrnes said he had seen them as a group today, but that they were not there for discussion of the Palestine problem, and that the Arab-Jewish situation has been only casually mentioned. Asked whether the Arab league had been discussed, he said no.

Lord Halifax, British Ambassador to the United States, yesterday discussed the Palestine situation with Mr. Byrnes in connection with the expected arrival here of Prime Minister Attlee. All indications point to the fact that the Palestine question will loom large on the agenda of the Truman-Attlee talks. Attlee will leave for Canada within a week of his arrival in Washington, it was learned here today.